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Teaching English in Taiwan

The relation between TEFL and Taiwan is not new; rather, the connection has been there for a while as English is a common foreign language that is compulsory in the students’ curriculum once they enter elementary school and is also featured on Taiwan’s state education exams. The demand for English teacher is rising simultaneously with the advancement in economic as well as the tech industry and is resulting in higher demands for English teachers on a daily basis. Whether you are a native speaker or not, if you have the required TEFL degree, finding a job that pays well won’t be a problem.

Job requirements:To land yourself with teaching jobs in Taiwan, first you need to get your hands on a TEFL certification that will provide you with a work permit. The hiring season goes on for all year round. It does not matter whether you are a native or a non-native speaker, if you happen to meet the required criteria, you will eventually get employed in a school that pays well. Most schools want their teachers to have a 4 weeks/ bachelors degree in TEFL, TESOL or CELTA. Not all jobs will require you to be experienced but if you happen to have it, it’s for your benefit only. Taiwan is still a popular choice for new and fresh teachers as it is easy to find ample job opportunities for them.

Job types: Taiwan provides a variety of working opportunities for new teachers to use their effective skills to teach ESL/EFL in Taiwan.

Teachers will find that the majority of their classes will consist of Conversational English, and as there are ample opportunities for state school English, adults in Taiwan are also potential learners as they have a strong desire to learn English for professional reasons, leaving lots of well paying jobs in the field of teaching business English and tutoring highly placed company executives.

Salary and cost of living: Pay packages to teach in Taiwan normally range anywhere between 2000 USD and 3000 USD per month which may vary from school to school, but most will be in this range. English Teachers with higher qualification and experience are paid higher salaries. Teachers staying in Taiwan for quite a few years can even earn up to 4000 USD per month. Some schools will offer additional benefits for the teachers which may include subsidised accommodation, contract completion bonuses, insurance and in some cases you might get reimbursed for your flights. These benefits vary from school to school while some schools may not provide these as well.

The cost of living in Taiwan isn’t as cheap as compared to other places, but a salary of at least 2000 USD per month, you will cover your living costs and makes it possible to save some amount at the end of each month.

Visa Requirements: To teach English in Taiwan, legally, you will need a valid work permit and it can be a bit tricky to arrange. Your employer is the one to help you in arranging the same because it can be very difficult to arrange on your own. You will also require an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) that needs to be applied for within 15 days of receiving your resident visa.

Visas and work permits can give you difficult times and you are only allowed to work for the employer that sponsors you for the same. If you happen to change school or the place of your work, you will require rearranging your visa.